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Welcome to Maria Konopnicka Secondary School in Włocławek, central Poland!

Our school is the best place for students to prepare for admission to university and college as its dedicated staff enable all the students not only to learn effectively but also to keep happy memories of their school times. What is more, we offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities to enhance each student's personal development.

Being one of the oldest an largest schools in the city, Maria Konopnicka Secondary School was founded 90 years ago. We are proud of our status of the leading educational institution in the city and we ranked among the country's best secondary schools last year and it is our ambition and top priority to maintain the high quality of education. According to "Rzeczpospolita", the country's most popular quality newspaper, we ranked as the best secondary school in the city, the 7th in the county, and as the 65th in Poland.

This academic year the school offers its pupils a number of courses depending on the students' interests and abilities. The students can choose from among the following courses which include an intensive study of the leading subjects such as:

  • Mathematics, Physics and Information Technology - Engineering and Computer Studies
  • Biology, Chemistry and Latin - Medical Studies
  • Polish, History, Latin, Social Studies, an Introduction to Law - Humanities
  • Mathematics, Geography, Information Technology - Economics
  • Polish, Foreign Languages - Language Studies
  • Polish, Foreign Languages, History and Geography - International Studies

The school has always appreciated the significance of foreign language teaching and learning. It is our priority to provide the best standard of language teaching in the region. Therefore, we lay great emphasis on language study. English is compulsory for all pupils and, additionally, the students are free to choose another foreign language from among German, French, Spanish, Italian, Latin and Russian. We are the only secondary school in the city where students can choose from among as many as 7 foreign languages. We have classes with an intensive course of English - 6 lessons a week, as well as classes with an intensive course of German and yet the other ones with a special emphasis on French called "DELF"- 6 lessons of French a week. The students who decide on French have a chance to take an international exam in French and get a certificate called "DELF" and recognised in over 120 countries all over the world. Each year 80 % of our students are successful in the exam. And finally, the students doing the Economics course have an excellent opportunity to learn some basic Business English included in their extended curriculum.

Excellent results in language teaching were recognised last year by awarding the school the "European Language Label" i.e. a certificate for quality language teaching given to 22 educational institutions in Poland which achieve the best results in language teaching in the country. Last academic year 7 of our pupils were among the winners of the following contests held at the national level: the English Language Competition, the Polish Language and Literature Competition, History Contest, Poland and the Contemporary World Knowledge Quiz.What is more, last year our students won 10 so-called "Green Passports" for their research on environmental issues and shared their knowledge during workshops held at Lodz Institute of Technology.

We are also proud of the title "School With a Difference" conferred on schools that provide quality teaching to each pupil, are just and fair in assessing the pupils' progress, teach creative thinking and help the students gain self-confidence yet be sensitive and open-minded.

The school has made successful links with other European secondary schools and, as a result, up till now we have had some exchange students visit our school from Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain and Latvia. In return, a group of our pupils and teachers visit the partner schools in those European countries once a year.

It is the school's priority to provide quality teaching to each pupil in a safe and friendly environment. Therefore, activities in lessons are motivating and suitably challenging for students of different abilities. Besides, the curriculum is considerably extended by a very rich menu of after school clubs and activities which are appreciated by students. Many students participate with great enthusiasm in extra-curricular activities held in our school each year such as: All-Polish Poetry Contest, English Days, French Days, Christian Days, the City's Minorities Festival, All-Polish Secondary Schools' Voluntary Organisations' Congress, to name just a few.

The friendly atmosphere created by our dedicated staff who understand the students' needs contributes to achieving excellent results in tests and examinations and provides quality teaching to each student.

It is the school everyone treasures up in their hearts forever!

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